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The Institute of Brain and Brain-Inspired Sciences of Shandong University was established in March 2017, as an independent scientific research institution approved by Shandong University. The research is within a new inter-discipline of brain science, integrating clinical medicine, basic medical research, psychology, neuroscience, information technology, software development, computer informatics, engineering and mathematics. The chief scientist and Nobel laureate Edvard Moser, four Chinese Academicians and one Norwegian Academician are all members of the team, in addition to more than 20 excellent Chinese scientists and well reputed foreign researchers.

The Institute focuses on basic research in brain, brain-inspired science and malignant brain tumours, and to translate the results into the clinics. Our aim is to achieve high international standards on the research, lead the development and innovation of brain tumor and brain-inspired science research domestically, and build the institute into an international innovation center for science and technology. Based on the prevention and treatment needs of brain-related diseases and the development of artificial intelligence technology, we are committed to research on control, interpretation, reconstruction and stimulation of the brain, as well as on malignant brain tumors.

We have built four key platforms; a Brain Structure and Function Platform, a Brain Disease Prevention Platform a Brain-Like Intelligence and Brain-Computer Fusion Platform and the ChiNor Brain Research Centre.

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